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sexta, 17/07


La Salita Madeira


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Orario & Sede

17/07/2020, 18:00 – 21:00

La Salita Madeira, Edificio Centromar, Rua da Ponta da Cruz 32, 9000-100 Funchal, Portogallo


Stolen kisses / Covid -19

The night they have separated our eyes, our hands,

our lips from their passionate or compassionate caresses, the stars of

an increasingly dark silent and distant sky began to shine

a remote light that we weren't prepared for, because we’re used to a

smooth and monotonous transit always the same.

The everyday life of the gesture has turned into absence.

The greed of time was interrupted by removing us from the exercise of

daily emotions

without knowing what would become of our bites, our kisses,

now interrupted, suspended, stolen by a messenger without name and form


An unknown intruder, ambassador of delusions and fears that

they seemed to belong to ancient tragic lists written with


blue on tanned lambskin and which today is laid down in instantaneous

alphanumeric lists their inauspicious seal.

So I thought about the denied sweetness of millions of kisses and lips

closed, suspended in doubt

fear of contact and everything to which that simple gesture, but

universal had raised us from childhood to death through

love, dreams, emotions.

These "Stolen Kisses" designs begin on a journey I made in

my studio from the early days

of the Pandemic to get to this Madeira island until today

I don't know yet and that my works will see before

myself. Ambassadors of a firm belief that all this can

to be forgotten in the simple and eternal magical gesture of a "Kiss"


Omar Galliani

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