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quinta, 30/07


La Salita Madeira



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Orario & Sede

30/07/2020, 18:30 – 21:00

La Salita Madeira, Edificio Centromar, Rua da Ponta da Cruz 32, 9000-100 Funchal, Portogallo



The artist stages through direct and indirect self-portrait, deformations and worries of the mind, in parallel to Oscar Wilde's famous novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, in which the main character hides a painting that takes on the traces of old age, moral and ethical deviations.

As mirrors that we are, the use of self-portraits also tells us about the other, the ones who cannot be made present and who does not belong to us. The crushed face that is revealed in several paintings, was created from a photo of the author's facebook, a personal photo that was printed in black and white and tangled dozens of times, giving rise to different compositions of a random character, later selected for its shape and impact.

The guiding thread of this exhibition is the concept of “anguish”, a psychological sensation that has been present since the dawn of humanity and which has been intensifying at the pace of improved living conditions. Fear of loss and the imposition of permanent happiness are the motto for reflection, at a time when new challenges have arisen to a society that considered itself safe and evolved but which found itself completely unprotected and isolated under the threat of a new virus.

Fátima Spínola

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